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Career Counseling

What is Fitness and why it is important?
Fitness is being able to perform day to day task with ease irrespective of age, gender, profession etc. i.e. making a human being perform to its full competency irrespective of the situation or scenario. An unfit person will always live a compromised life no matter what i.e. without knowing the onus of being a human. We are living longer than our previous generations, that still doesn't erase the fact that millions of people suffer needlessly from conditions that could be avoided. When we applaud average life expectancy in India or Worldwide today we shouldn’t forget about quality of life. We are living in an era where Living a Fitness Lifestyle is a solution to improving quality of life. Below are the benefits of living a Fitness lifestyle:
  • Enhancement in the day to day Performance
  • Abating Illness, Aches & Pains
  • Improvement in Metabolic Parameters
  • Reduced Injury Risks
  • Improves Focus
  • Improve Energy Levels
  • Improve Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Avoid Age-related Degeneration or Anti-aging
All above benefits leads to improvement in quality of all aspects of life - physical, mental and social. A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent. Physical and mental fitness play very important roles in our lives and people who are both, physically and mentally fit are less prone to medical conditions as well. Following a Fitness Lifestyle is getting oneself insured for life. The problem is lack of education and access to right guidance, where you can be the pioneer in changing lives around by imparting correct knowledge/guidance to the mass.
Why does one need to be part of Fitness Industry?
Every industry transitions through different growth stages namely; Emerging Phase, Growth Phase, Mature Phase and Declining Phase. The Fitness Industry in India and abroad has evolved rapidly from its nascent unstructured beginning in the early 90s to its Growing Phase including Consumers, Providers, Adjacent Industries and Government. Currently, Fitness Industry is at a full-fledged growth phase with an ever growing scope of career wise growth, especially for Fitness Professionals. The industry has got a bad name due to unprofessional and incompetent individuals becoming a part of the Fitness Industry. Delivering Fitness with true professionalism is a dire need of Fitness Industry to make it grow at a greater and formidable pace, helping the Fitness Industry to reach its full potential. Learning and grasping Fitness Sciences will ensure a Fitness Professional a stellar and promising career in the Fitness Industry. Fitness Industry requires passionate individuals to drive it forward, match of passion and profession will ensure a win-win situation for both the industry and the individual.
Inception, present scenario and Growth of Fitness Industry
In the early 90s or late 80s, Fitness and Nutrition as a concept didn't enjoy mainstream popularity. Awareness about being fit and spending on pampering was limited to the affluent. With Globalization, exposure to western culture, bid to get fitter and overcome lifestyle challenges, improvement in social status led to rapid growth in the Fitness Industry. There has been a rapid increase in infrastructure in order to meet market demand or provide the consumer with the infrastructure to fulfill their needs, but having a great infrastructure without quality professionals will always be a compromise in service delivery. Fitness is not only limited to the affluent now, due to the effect of globalization, change in lifestyles; Fitness has become a dire need of every age group, gender, profession. To take this industry forward and help it achieve its full potential, the need for quality fitness professional is the need of the hour. Every industry has its life cycle, the Fitness industry is at its growing stage and will accelerate at a fast pace with professionals like you.
Contribution towards skill enhancement and job creation - Skill India Initiative
Paucity of skilled and trained professional is one of the biggest challenges in the Fitness Industry today. Fitness Industry will require skilled personnel over the next 5 years ranging in huge numbers. However, their availability is a concern. Fitness has become a rage and with its ever growing infrastructure the requirement of qualified/skilled professionals has increased many folds. Since, Fitness Industry can’t be automation driven hence making it a major job driven industry. Government of India has taken up Skill India initiative under National Skill Development Corporation to create jobs in various sectors. With a major eye on the Fitness Industry, K11 School of Fitness Sciences acts as the only funded partner in this great initiative promising to deliver stellar career to its students who truly imbibe the education offered at K11 School of Fitness Sciences.
Need of right education & professional Fitness personnel's to drive market forward in right direction and current problems with Fitness Professionals
Fitness is not a no brainer, it is a science or rather a combination of sciences comprising of 5 facets of Fitness, Kinesiology, Anatomy, Physiology combined with tested application based structured/content with theory and its application to maximize learning. The content learned during the course has direct effect towards its application on the gym floor and has its benefit providing a direct carry over affect to day to day life. Gaining right education whilst a combination of Theory and its application is the right way to drive Fitness Industry forward. There is a dearth of educated & professional Fitness personnel's in the Fitness Industry, hence Fitness Personnel's with correct knowledge base, mindset, professionalism and attitude are bound to be successful and make a mark in the Fitness Industry.
Contribution and reputation of K11 linked to the quality growth of Fitness Industry
Reputation of the School or the Educational Institute in the Fitness Field can be judged considering below factors:
  • Quality Education
  • Course Content/Curriculum
  • Course and Academy Market Value
  • The way/method course is conducted
  • Learning Environment and Facilities available to the students.
  • Placements and other opportunities
At K11 School of Fitness Sciences, all above factors are comprehensively covered. We have a full-fledged learning centre with AV equipped classrooms for theory lectures and a state-of-the-art gym floor(lab) for practical training. The single most distinguishing feature of the K11 School of Fitness Sciences is its constant endeavor to teach the students not just the science, but also the practical applicability of scientific theories on the Gym Practical Lab at the premises of the Academy itself. Fitness Field is a service industry, your education is not the only product you possess, your body language, attitude, conduct with potential clients all add up for becoming a good professional. To cater to such requirement, we conduct Personality Development and Skills Lectures, which equip our students to better their prospects for their Career in Fitness Field which also teaches students to better their skill set to clear Interviews for reputed clubs across the country, cruise ships, hotels and other countries. We believe in giving quality students to the Fitness Industry, who can be as professional as we are in the way we teach. Right education and guidance is what is missing with the Fitness Industry currently, we are here to bridge that gap and help Fitness Industry achieve its true potential with years to come. Currently, we have placements in top gym chains, clubs, hotels, cruise liners; providing educated and professional human resources to the industry will make sure that end consumer gets direct benefit, ensuring stellar growth for the Fitness Industry.
Brief information about the courses offered at K11 and how they help to carve out better career prospects in the Fitness Industry
At K11 School of Fitness Sciences, very thoughtfully we have created few courses to equip our students with the correct and comprehensive knowledge to thrive in the Fitness Industry. Below are the courses offered:
  • Diploma in Personal Training (DPT)
  • Certified Personal Trainer for Special Populations (CPT-SP)
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist (CSN)
Education is a never-ending process. We always urge our students to keep learning and improving; continuous change and progression in life is the only way one can stay away from the feeling of being stuck or stagnated. Personal Trainer Course taught at K11 School of Fitness Sciences, serves as a foundation for all who want to learn scientific literature of Fitness. Fitness Industry has professionals working at different levels, you can be a Fitness Counselor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Manager, Club Manager, Master Trainer, Nutritionist, Lecturer etc. Education gives so much power to change one's and others lives. Diploma in Personal Training acting as a foundation over which Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer for Special Populations, K11 Master Trainer, Lecture Training acts as specialization courses.
Teaching Methodology and content covered, comprehensive teaching with theory and its application
Teaching Methodology and content covered, comprehensive teaching with theory and its application.

Teaching Methodology comprises of:
  • 126 Hours of theoretical teaching and 12 hours of guided learning for assignment preparation in fully AV-equipped classrooms, creating the base for further learning
  • 50 Hours of Practical Learning with the Master Trainers, direct practical interface or application of applied/learnt Fitness Sciences
  • CPR & AED: Emergency life-saving techniques by a Govt. approved agency
  • Unit Tests: Conducted thrice in certain intervals in the theory part of the course to test the students on their understanding and retention of the subject matter. Post these tests, students are given immediate feedback to make further improvements in the subjects identified by the lecturer
Assessment and Evaluation Criteria
We at K11 School of Fitness Sciences conduct ourselves with utmost professionalism and providing a quality workforce to the Fitness Industry is our motto. For the Diploma in Personal Training Course, there is an assessment system that comprises 4 assessment modules - Theory, Practicals & Viva (2 types) with compulsory assignment submissions, and a mandatory theory assessment by the Govt. Passing in each module is necessary to testify that one has imbibed all scientific knowledge that the Diploma in Personal Training Course at K11 School of Fitness Sciences has to offer.

Below are the description in brief:
  • Assessment 1: Theory Assessment
This assessment consists of a Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) of 100 marks with the passing percentage being 60%.
  • Assessment 2: Practical and Viva Exam 1 (Exercise Execution)
This assessment consists of exercise form & technique evaluation and verbal fluency of exercise science concepts.
There are 12 specific exercises with 10 marks each totalling to 120 marks with passing marks being 60% and 12 sets of questions to be answered verbally with 10 marks per set of questions with the passing percentage being 60% individually.

  • Assessment 3: Practical & Viva Assessment 2 with Assignment Submission (Training Program Delivery)
Assignment submission and practical & viva evaluation of the given case study delivering a training program to a dummy client.
To clear this assessment, compulsory submission of the complete written assignments and training delivery of the given case study is required.
  • Assessment 4: NSQF Level 4 Assessment by SPEFL-SC
Online Theory Assessment (MCQ Type) of 60 marks with the passing percentage being 50%.
*NSQF is National Skills Qualification Framework
*SPEFL-SC is Sports, Physical Education, Fitness, and Leisure Skills Council
Each student is given 2 unpaid attempts to clear the assessment modules, post which there is a nominal charge towards further attempts. The student who has understood all the concepts learnt during the course, will have no difficulty clearing any of the modules and should be able to clear all modules in their first attempt.

Introduction to the roadmap post completion of the course and discussion on how K11 School of Fitness Sciences will help in acquiring the right job.
Once a student clears triple assessment evaluation, HR department at K11 School of Fitness Sciences will help the student for their placements in reputed Gyms/Clubs/Hotels/Cruise Ships. HR Department at K11 School of Fitness Sciences is the biggest HR department of the Fitness Industry solely focused towards helping its students to acquire the right job and get a great start to their career. We provide placements PAN India, certain Gulf Countries, Cruise Liners and currently are in process to provide placements in many countries around the world. We provide lifetime placement assistance to our students with a lot of flexibility. Right job for the right qualification subject to various pointers, mainly:
  • Fitness Educational Qualification
  • Relevant Experience, if needed
  • Knowledge Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Passion towards doing a stellar job
One thing a student need to equip himself is with education and an attitude to grow with the Industry. There are plenty of job opportunities, fitness industry has to offer: Personal Trainer, Fitness Counsellor, Nutritionist, Club Manager, Consultants to various Gyms and Clubs, Fitness Freelancers, Master Trainers, Lecturers etc. Keep Learning and Growing, you will never have to worry about opportunities.
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