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Rajshree Muley

Certified Personal Trainer, K11 Academy Of Fitness Sciences

Hailing from a family of highly educated parents and given that I am myself an engineer, it was difficult for me to switch the field from technical to fitness. It was still OK, if I chose banking and/or IT as an option. But Fitness was something that may be was not expected of me J…I guess being a national basketball and handball player, interest in fitness was never out of mind…and hence my parents supported me in this decision. And to TOP it, The K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences just endorsed my choice and gave me the confidence to take the plunge in this field.

The K11 “Certified Personal Trainer Course” has helped me understand the nitty-gritty of Human body and has developed an understanding that only K11 can teach. The Anatomy of human body that was taught to me is something I found to be extremely useful and I find it to be benefitting while teaching Yoga.

The entire team at K11 displays exemplary dedication towards teaching not just fitness but fitness backed by scientific facts. Not seen or heard of anyone else, but K11, who are truly dedicated towards fitness and its growth in India.

A special mention of Mr. Abhijeet Kakad Sir…he is simply fantastic. The energy level and the aura that he creates, while he teaches is so effective that one cannot help but stay motivated and focused right thru those 3 ½ hours. The management at K11 is the BEST; they genuinely want you to BUILD A CAREER in the fitness industry.

I would also like to thank Thapa Sir, Shiv Sir, Raghvendra Sir, Mayur Sir and Kamlesh Sir. They were highly cooperative and focused in our well-being.

Last but not the least, A BIG thank you to Sapna Ma’am. I have known her for the last 6 years, she has always been consistent and very supportive and an awesome fitness counselor.

Thank You, K11, Kaizzad Sir and Kalyani Ma’am for providing a platform to many like-minded people like us who can dream for Building a Career in the Fitness Industry.

Pranjal solanki pic
Pranjal solanki

Certified Personal Trainer, K11 Academy Of Fitness Sciences

Dear team,
I have completed my PTI-35 batch today. I got cleared my viva, CPR and practicals.
It was a wonderful journey with K11. Faculties teaching techniques , knowledge transfer is commendable.
As I am a non fitness background person, but with K11 my Journey has become very easy.
Thank you so much Raghvendra Koppal sir and Shiv Rao sir. The way you deliver the concepts, related example for the same, makes everything easy to understand. I came to understand exercise science in very easy way and leaned the concepts practically.
You both make concepts easy by your LEARN by FUN technique.

Thanks Sapna Mam, your cooperation and your counseling really helped me alot. Your work is appreciable.
Thanks K11, I am proud of being a part of you.


Certified Personal Trainer, K11 Academy Of Fitness Sciences

During my graduation there was a lot of pressure on me for my career.Multiple choices were there ie MBA ,Hotel Management etc but nothing seemed interesting to me in terms of job satisfaction,being an university topper two times i could have easily earned a good fortune after pursuing these course but there is a saying ” Do what you love and Love what you do”,so as a fitness enthusiast myself i always strived for a decent physic but nothing from the internet helped. So seeking helped from almost everywhere i luckily found out Kaizzad Capadia sir on Facebook and tried to contact him thinking for help,the man himself was not only a bodybuilder but a faculty and coach of both Fitness Science and Sports Nutrition.I discussed the whole matter with him and instead if replying everything on Facebook he sent me the Personal Trainer manual.I was literally speechless ,except for thanking him i had nothing else to say.That day i had decided that after completing my graduation i will follow my passion and choose fitness as my career.

It was 27th september which is my birthday,i entered K11 and to be very frank being a small town boy i still had little fear in my head that will i be able to make out of it and most importantly will i get a good placement or not.But as everything slowly and steadily progressed ,i started liking the whole environment of K11 , The classes were awesome and each and every myth of exercise or nutrition related things were cleared with facts.Faculties are well trained and honestly they literally out efforts to make a layman student understand the course,not only this but they also keep themselves fit and well updated about knowledge ,simply speaking they teach what they preach.

Coming to the Master Trainer course ,it was the most intense and comprehensive course ever.It took 8 months of gruelling practical classes,which was self taken by Kaizzad sir himself.All i can say is that this 8 months were best in my life and monetarily i invested in the correct course.Even we had bruises ,broken shoulder ,muscular pain during the practicals which was meant to happen as because we were taken to our maximum potential,which is the 1 rep max of all the lifts,we still came up stronger.A lot of intense knowledge was there too,even its a practical based course but when sir starts speaking there are endless number of things can be jotted down.Actual potential of ones strength can be tested only if the right form and technique is learned,which is why this course was every important for me.

So I cleared my MT exams on the first go which was a big achievement,but it wasnt so easy,if it was then everyone joining the course would have been a Master Trainer.It took 8 months a lot of effort towards hardwork,study and practicing forms day and night.

At present after all these,I finally got a placement at Golds Gym,Kolkata ( which is my Hometown) as a Master Trainer And Fitness Manager.

Lastly just want to convey something to all the fitness enthusiast out there that if you really want to learn proper fitness science with scientific facts then come in K11 and put your efforts to learn the course well and after that you dont have to find a job rather it will wait for you.And being a K11’er i can proudly tell you that there is nothing like K11 way of teaching,they teach only scientific real facts and no bro science..

Thank you

Satyajit Barbhai

Master Trainer, K11 Fitness Academy

It’s a great honor and privilege for me to write the testimonial for the K11 Academy. K11 has been such an inspiration & I have learned so much that will absolutely make me a better Personal trainer & a  better person in fitness industry. Thanks For taking every effort to keep me focused.
Its a real pleasure to learn from such a disciplined &  dedicated faculty.
I would like to thank you for your  kind support  and  guidance that has  helped me from being to what I am today. From nowhere to a Master Trainer. I owe it all to K11.
The One & Only K11 Academy provides us with a solid foundation.

I have  learnt  how to observe, study correct  and apply it during workout sessions.  It has shaped me and my thinking process. The knowledge that I have gained has helped me to see things with a different perspective.


Fitness Instructor, Courtyard Marriot

I joined The K11 Fitness Academy, Indore in 2013. I would like to share my experience that completely changed my view about Fitness. I was working as a Fitness Trainer since 2004, I came to know about the K11 course through a friend but after I completion of my course at K11 I realized the true meaning of Fitness. The training received was completely based on science it kept me updated daily on the happening in the Fitness industry. The faculties are friendly and dedicated towards their teaching, and put in every effort to improve the students.

The training I have received made me an expert from a novice. I would like to thank K11 and its Master Trainer Mr. Laxman Thapa for bringing out the quality in training me. This fitness program training received is worth a million, as it has transformed me.

Vinit Kotian

Fitness Counselor, YFC Thane

After completing my personal training course from K11 which I thought was enough for me to start my career as a Personal Trainer. But with proper guidance from Mr. Sunil Kotian who belongs to K11 itself suggested me to do PT for Special Population which gave me the real in depth knowledge about personal training for different type of population, having various medical issues, postural abnormality, foot assessment, injuries by accident and sedentary lifestyle any many more.

The teaching techniques and language use for teaching is very understandable due to which I am able to understand different medical reports of various clients. After understanding pathology, I am able to design exercises for people with different medical history.

Today I am working with a fitness company as a fitness counselor in which I started as trainer and got promoted as a counselor as I was able to understand all medical deformity and prescribe them appropriate exercises, which helps them to improve their strength level and make them functionally active, so it helps in improving their quality of life.

Thanks to Dr.Mansi Astha the lecturer of PTSP Course who helped us understand the course very well. I will suggest everyone to be certified in both the courses PT and PTSP which will make them unbeatable in the fitness industry.

Pooja Parekh


The Sports Nutrition Course has been a wonderful journey through the world of nutrition science, right from the basic scaffolding for survival to the ultimate requirements for peak fitness. The course content was precise and the knowledge received therein is a must for each one living a fitness lifestyle.

Rashmi Pawar

Massage Therapist, Freelancer

I was keen to learn massage but was not getting the perfect guidance for it. Then I came to know about K11 Fitness Academy through Internet and joined it. I completed the Massage Therapy Course from K11 in 2014. K11 is the leading fitness academy in India. The teaching techniques and faculty is excellent here. The practical lessons were also very good and useful.

By joining K11 I learned the true meaning of massage. Today I am a certified massage therapist handling a number of personal clients and have also worked in Marathon for the runners.

Vikram Dutta

Master Trainer, K11 Fitness Academy

In 2007, I came across two Exercise Science books with K11’s logo on them, and Kaizzad Capadia’s name at the bottom. Until that time, I didn’t have any idea that fitness is something that one could make a career out of. Being a multiple dropout, and having done stints in computer science, information management, business management studies, etc. it took another 3 years for me to actually land up at K11 Fitness Academy for a meeting with Kaizzad Sir. And after that, there has been no looking back. Initially enrolled for the Personal Trainer Course and ended up doing multiple courses at K11, and became a K11 Certified Master Trainer. My educational journey with K11 has been the most remarkable. K11 offers the most scientific and logical professional courses available anywhere. Take my words, I am a multiple dropout, I ought to know a few… The faculty at K11 spearheaded by Mr. Capadia himself is an incredible lot of passionate teachers. You not only get the best fitness education, but also are taken on a journey of passion, sheer dedication, discipline & achievement, and get to experience it firsthand. Speaking of which, I feel immensely proud to have done a rather short yet very memorable stint (for me) as a faculty at K11 Fitness Academy. My journey – from being a fitness enthusiast to a student at the most respected fitness academy in India, to becoming a member of faculty at the very institute, counseling members on fitness at the top clubs, to training the most affluent clients – has only been possible because of what I have learnt, experienced and achieved at the place where I will always remain a student – K11 Fitness Academy!

Mayank Panchal

Master Trainer, K11 Fitness Academy

Seeing an ad in the newspaper I was introduced to the K11 Fitness Academy, in Feb 2013 I joint The K11 Fitness Academy and completed my Personal Training Course. I was a part of the fitness field from the past 4years but my body did not acquire any change not even a percent. After completion of my course and understanding the true meaning of Fitness my body had attained about 70% results. The K11 Staff members were outstanding, Abhijeet Sir & Dr. Taher being the best. My practical instructor Master Trainer Mrs. Vinutha Raghunath, helped me in my workouts shaping each workout drawing me to perfection.

The Demos that I have received were so inspirational and encouraging, thanks to Abhijeet Sir and Lata Ma’am. Today I travel to Umbergaon, Gujarat to give Demos. It is very aspiring to note that the senior female faculties train themselves harder regardless the age. K11 has changed me and inspired me towards the knowledge, study and benefit a person can gain in the Fitness field.

Vijay Thakkar

Owner, 48 Fitness

My association with the K11 Fitness Academy goes back o June 2006. The scientific approach has helped me develop reasoning when reading an article on fitness and it has also helped me to become a better fitness trainer and coach. K11 has not only satisfied my hunger to learn more, but has always delighted me with their first-class standards and high quality of teaching.

Tariq Mohammad

Owner, Tripod Gym

Being a fitness freak I decided to opt for a course with which I could clear the myths and misconceptions of the people in my hometown Goa. The lectures at K11 Fitness Academy are a great with immense practical and theoretical knowledge. The unique feature of K11 Fitness Academy is that they follow scientific principles, which can never be wrong.

Mehul Lal

Master Trainer, K11 Fitness Academy

Embarked on a journey by choosing my passion of being a Fitness-Nutrition Professional from a well-established Finance Professional has been an eyebrow raiser for many around me, but the only one who did not flinch a second while doing so has been the soul in me strongly encouraged by K11. Self-driven, I started with the Personal Training Course which laid a strong foundation of Exercise Science along with the Sports Nutrition Course which provided in-depth knowledge required to achieve ideal body composition and performance goals. My belief in myself was re-instilled by my Mentor Kaizzad Sir who personally guided me to hone my skills in the Master Trainers Course tapping at my hidden innermost strengths. Currently, I am pursuing the Lecturer’s Training Course which will allow me to take my Fitness Endeavor to the Next Level. he above knowledge gave me the skill set to work & grow in the Fitness Industry and accomplish the following:

1. Master Trainer at K11 Fitness Academy

2. Founder-Director at Svasti, The Fitness-Nutrition Studio, Juhu

3. Fitness- Nutrition Advisor at Nalanda College of Classical Dance, Juhu

4. Research Associate at Nalanda’s Institute of Movement Science

5. Sports Nutritionist & Personal Trainer with a diverse clientele

Ian Fernandes

Master Trainer, K11 Fitness Academy

Ever since I came across K11 Fitness Academy’s Facebook page when I was merely 15-years-old, I wanted a career in fitness. It were the innumerable number of myths and misconceptions associated with fitness that made me more curious about having a comprehensive knowledge about fitness that was based on scientific grounds and not someone’s opinions or bro-science. I wanted a fitness Institute who’s teaching faculty would be strict devotees of pure logical sciences, which is why I I was in search of international courses like ACSM, but then what is the use of theoretical knowledge without knowing how to perform an exercise with the right form- and-technique.

I finally zeroed down to K11. It was on 29th March 2011 that I first stepped into K11 Fitness Academy’s Santacruz branch. I was greeted by the pleasing career counselors who then went on to give me the complete details of the personal trainer course, after a 20-minutes-long chat with them I knew that K11 is the ultimate fitness academy that a person prospecting a career in fitness should ever be at.

The personal trainer course that I attended was really comprehensive as far as a complete knowledge of the human body’s functioning goes. The lecturers totally understood.  I had co-students in my batch who had a bit of a problem in understanding English, at such times the lecturers would go out of their way to explain that particular topic in Hindi or Marathi. After absorbing the theory lectures it was time for practical workout sessions with K11 certified Master Trainers, and let me tell you guys! All master trainers were utter perfectionists as long as the dot to dot perfection of the right form-and-technique is concerned! At the first glance the Master Trainers won’t seem to be anything special, but their lifts if witnessed you’d forget the workouts of an average aspiring bodybuilder, just because of the fact that they truly adore right form-and-technique and respect three physics and bio-mechanics to the ultimate level. After successfully clearing the theory, practical and oral viva exams one is awarded with K11’s personal trainer certificate and a first aid certificate which is government recognized.

After becoming a certified trainer, I got the job as a trainer in Mumbai’s distant suburban town. Wherein I could easily squeeze out a monthly income of around 20-25k even after being not so well built because the knowledge that I had prevailed way above the non-certified trainers in competition as well as the trainers certified from a different Academy.

Later, about six months down the road, I went on to do the master trainer course which is conducted for over a period of eight months and the best part is that it is conducted by the grand master of Indian fitness industry- Kaizzad Capadia. Another self-motivation for doing the master trainer course was that I was extremely curious about learning more, a sheer perfectionist myself and last but not the least I wanted to charge my clients heavily. Every one of the 60+ sessions with Kaizzad sir was very exhaustive since we were taken to our max poundages. I was surprised to know that a averagely built 18 year old like me can deadlift 3 plates (315 pounds)  After successful completion of the master trainer course I was charging each personal training client about 1,500 per session, each session lasting to a maximum time of 90 mins.  The pleasant, ever friendly and an extreme extrovert that I always was, I got an invitation by Kaizzad sir himself to work as a career counselor at K11’s ground of inception, its Santacruz branch.

Today I’m glad that about a couple of years ago I came across K11, and less than three years down the line, I’m a career counselor at K11, a master trainer offering pin-point-perfection-perfection guidance to a group of fitness freaks, and not to forget to mention, I’m making over half a lac through all my income sources.

All this and I’m still greedy for more knowledge, so I guess I’m gonna stick to K11 to the very end.

K11 Fitness Academy is undoubtedly an absolute ocean of knowledge.  Come over, be a part of the industry’s growth.

Aditi Bhawalkar Joshi

Centre Manager, Anjali Mukerjee’s Health Total, Nasik

My association with K11 Fitness Academy has been since 2008. Getting educated in K11 was a truly learning experience. Faculty and staff are always ready to help us with full enthusiasm. Learning in this academy gave me confidence which helped me working in the fitness industry.
Learning Nutrition in college days and in K11 is like a difference between watching a movie on 29” television and watching the same movie in a Big Screen theatre. Content of the movie is the same in both but the view is broad and enjoyable in theatre. Same way, K11 helped me to look at NUTRITION from a much broader and enjoyable view. The course helped me in understanding the content from a different perspective than whatever I had learnt before. The course improved the application of knowledge in practical life.
Swarada Ma’am and K11 Fitness Academy changed me on my personal front too. They turned my personality from being a very shy and quite girl to a truly confident girl who was later able to take lectures in front of a crowd of hundreds. This was not possible without the beautiful association with team K11. I am thankful to the academy from bottom of my heart for its contribution in my professional and personal life.

Saylee Shripad Sant

Faculty, K11 Fitness Academy

I entered the K11 Fitness Academy for a Job interview right after completing my PG in Nutrition & Dietetics. I joined as a student in the academy and simultaneously completed my on the job training, soon after which I was appointed as a sports nutritionist.
After a year, I started taking nutrition lectures for Personal Training batches and progressed further to take up sports nutrition batches as well.
I feel fortunate for being associated with K11 Fitness Academy since 6 yrs and counting…
Past 6 years have been full of confidence and knowledge.
My association with K11 Fitness Academy has been a wonderful learning experience both personally and professionally. I approached K11 Fitness Academy looking out for a job after my PG in Nutrition and Dietetics, that job Interview was a real eye opener for me and clearly made me realize the gap between academics and professional training courses.
Over a period of time I learnt that Nutrition is not about “one size fits all” but something that needs a case by case study and K11 Fitness Academy has significantly changed my perspective of looking at the subject.
Sports nutrition course has given me a lot of confidence, knowledge and has cleared my all misconceptions.

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