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Our Standards

Our Standards

The Importance of Education

People regard medicine to be a noble profession where scientists are constantly searching for a “cure.” However, as Fitness Professionals, we focus on the prevention. Thus, Fitness becomes the more virtuous profession. While it is commonly accepted that our health care professionals include Doctors, Physiotherapists and Psychotherapists, many forget to add Fitness Professionals to the list. Since fitness involves understanding and working with the human body, it is equally relevant to health care.

People who treat patients without having studied medicine are considered Quacks. Similarly, it is unethical to offer fitness advice without adequate education. Unfortunately the Fitness Industry holds the all time record for the number of Quacks.

The truth is that fitness is not just a physical activity to make a lazy person active. It is a goal that can only be achieved if the program designed scientifically addresses all aspects of a person’s physiology.

Making the choice to receive an education in a specialized field has the potential to earn you unparalleled success and provide you with a stable career that can last a lifetime.

Course Structure

On completion of a course, a K11 student takes exams in three separate categories: THEORY, PRACTICAL, and ORAL. In order to receive the K11 Certificate, a student must pass in all 3 exams separately. While this may seem strict, we feel there are specific moral reasons for creating such requirements.

Mastering the THEORY behind various techniques not only enables Professionals to be well-versed in their specialty, but is the only way to scientifically analyze individual conditions. By studying theory, our students are empowered with a keen sensitivity towards the needs of their clients.

PRATICAL sessions allow students to come into contact with the tools they will be handling as Professionals. Becoming a Fitness Professional who has never left the classroom is as absurd as becoming a chef who has never seen a kitchen.

Cultivating ORAL skills equips Fitness Professionals with specific verbal techniques designed to help them communicate their knowledge in a way their clients can understand.

Courses offered online take away the opportunity for hands on training by limiting physical contact; an unavoidable drawback in the substitution of teachers with technology. We at K11 are against correspondence courses when it comes to certifying Fitness Professionals.

The K11 Mission

We want Fitness Professionals to understand that it is their moral obligation towards their profession to learn as much about the human body as scientifically possible. Without this in-depth understanding, Fitness Professionals would be blind and likely harm their clients instead of improving their health.

The success rate of people achieving their fitness goals is rising as K11 creates a new generation of efficient, knowledgeable Professionals who scientifically customize Fitness programs. We believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. And remember, the right path will always be the shortest path to success.

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