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Club Management
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Widely considered as the MBA of Fitness Facility Management in India, the K11 Club Management Course is the perfect option for all those who want to start a career in Fitness Industry as a Gym Owner, Gym Manager, Gym Sales Executive or as an Independent Fitness Professional. Most students prefer this Fitness Course because it makes them the candidate of choice for various opportunities in India and abroad. The K11 Club Management Certificate is highly acclaimed due to its extensive and in-depth syllabus that includes:

  • Gym Set up and Consultancy
  • Equipment Profiling
  • Branding and Market Positioning
  • ATL-BTL and Online Media Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Facility Administration - all of which are taught by various faculty members who have years of expertise in the respective fields.

With the growth and popularity of the Fitness Industry, the role of the health club manager / gym manager has become very important. certified health club managers / gym managers enjoy the benefits of a financially rewarding and emotionally satisfying job. With the help of the K11 Club Management Course, gym managers, club sales executives & gym owners will be better equipped to manage a whole health club facility with regards to health club set up, pre-sales, recruitment, sales, marketing and branding and much more.

  • Intro to Fitness Industry
  • Real Estate & Gym Business Plan
  • Accounts
  • Real Estate & Gym Business Plan
  • Human Resource
  • Admin
  • Marketing
  • Equipment Appreciation
  • Yearly and Monthly Planning
  • Pre-Opening Schemes & Execution
  • Sales Training & Monitoring
  • Sales Mock
  • Work Day of Manager
  • Working of Fitness Department
  • Customer Scenario
  • Gym Visit
Theory - 25
Weekend - 4 months
K11 Club Management Certificate
PEARSON Certificate
Course schedule - Club Management
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