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Fat Loss FAQ’s

Fat Loss FAQ’s

  • How can I reduce my fat %

    You can reduce your fat % with a combination of consistent intensive weight training using big compound & power movements & a high protein – Low carbohydrate approach to nutrition.

  • I only have fat over my tummy, so why should I train the rest of my body?

    The fat over your tummy doesn’t belong to the abdominal area. In fact fat anywhere on your body belongs to the entire body and not just to the area over which it lies. Body fat is the way in which the human body stores unused calories. In order to burn these unused calories off, you have to increase your BMR. Working big muscle groups such as thighs and back have a greater impact on increasing BMR than abdominal exercises. Hence the fat around your waist has a better chance of getting burnt off by working large muscle groups such as thighs and back than if you were to only train the abdominal area.

  • What is the best way to lose weight?

    The correct question should have been, “What is the best way to lose fat?” The answer is increasing the rate at which you burn calories all through the day when you are not working out. That is, increase your Basal Metabolic Rate. The only way to do that is to concentrate on increasing the metabolically active tissue, ‘MUSCLE’ in the body. The more muscle you carry the faster your metabolism and hence lesser the fat. Also choose exercise forms such as weight training which help in making a person burn calories at a faster rate even after the cessation of the workout. This is what we call as AFTERBURN. Weight training damages muscle at a microscopic level and forces the body to initiate repair work after the workout. The repair work requires a lot of calories and goes on through the day. Hence there is an increased requirement for calories and thus less fat. Also you must combine this effort with an emphasis on protein and a restriction on sugar and having at least 5 small meals a day consisting of high thermic value foods such as Fibrous carbs & high protein foods such as chicken & fish.

  • Step aerobics is the best way to lose weight.

    Again the idea is to lose fat and not just weight indiscriminately. Step aerobics is just another form of cardiovascular exercise and is no different from all other cardio workouts such as running, skipping, cycling, stair climbing, floor aerobics, spinning classes, and tae-bo… etc, etc…All the above will result in rapid weight loss (Through muscle loss) if done excessively. They should be done to enjoy more endurance and stamina and not to lose weight. Cause as we have already learnt weight loss causes a reduction in BMR thus setting the person up for further fat gain (Yo-yo syndrome).

  • After some time in a weight loss program my weight doesn’t seem to budge. It is very frustrating. What is the solution?

    The solution is that you shouldn’t be doing a weight loss program… you should be doing a Fat loss program. If you starve yourself and do excessive cardio then you will lose a lot of muscle and hence a lot of weight, but your sluggish BMR will plummet even lower.When that happens the body will no longer be in a caloric deficit despite starving, as the body will now need much lesser calories than it used to. This is what will bring you to a plateau and then will set you up for further fat gain. Stop checking the scale and pay more attention to measurements and the way the body looks and the way your clothes fit.Pay more attention to sustaining and gaining muscle and fat will take care of itself. If you are gaining muscle and losing fat, your waist will get slimmer but the weighing scale may not register a substantial decrease. This is totally acceptable and in fact a desired effect of the right kind of training and diet.

  • My age is 24 ht 5”3″. I weigh 50kgs and follow vegetarian diet. Very rarely eat non vegetarian food but my problem is that I have gained excessive fats in abdomen, both sides, thighs and butts which looks very odd, and makes me feel embarrassed. I am wor

    Your problem isn’t typical to you at all…most women, if not all, store body fat on their hips (Butt) & thighs.What you really need to do is join a gym & workout with weights thrice a week & do cardio work (Like running on a treadmill.) thrice a week & also get on to a diet that helps you lose fat.Since you have ruled out going to a gym…there are only 2 things you can do. Increase activity such as walking, climbing stairs, etc… a lot…always brisk walk when you walk & climb stairs with some energy.There are a couple of exercises you can do at home such as Free Squats, Free Lunges, abdominal crunches & reverse crunches on the floor. Do about 4 sets of at least 25 repetitions each. Do these exercises every other day. You will have to take the trouble of learning these movements from a qualified trainer…you can learn them pretty well in about 3 sessions with a trainer.I will not attempt to describe these exercises in words as that simply will not help you in getting the form right & you could end up with an injury.Now the diet – I am going to list a few things that I want you to eliminate from your diet immediately. They are; rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, rotis made from maida (Refined flour), sweets, desserts, fruit juices, soft beverages (aerated drinks), milk shakes, butter, cheese, cream, ice creams.A few things that need to be minimized but not eliminated are chapattis, fruits (only at breakfast).Try including some chicken, fish & egg whites for good quality protein every day. Eat a variety of vegetables & have yoghurt made from skimmed milk everyday. This will help you shed that extra flab. But you have to be strict with your diet.

  • I am 17yr old and my weight is 55kg. Am I overweight? I also have fat arms which I hate. Please tell me what I do about this as I cannot afford joining a gym.

    First thing you must understand that body fat can collect anywhere on the body. Most often in men it collects around the waist & in women on their hips & thighs. Some women who are termed as top heavy also collect fat on their bust as well as back & arms. It is very rare for a man to have flabby arms but not entirely impossible.What you have to understand is that the approach to getting rid of the fat in all these places is the same & that is through a holistic approach to training & diet.Holistic approach to training means 3 days of weight training & 3 days of cardiovascular work such as jogging, swimming, skipping etc. The weight training is more of a contributor to fat burn than cardio work.Holistic weight training means that in order to effectively get leaner arms you have to train the entire body. Just training your arms will be a big mistake & similarly ignoring large muscle groups such as legs & back will be a big mistake again. Large muscle group training always has a serious impact on fat loss all over the body…whereas training just arms has no impact on fat loss & hence will not get rid of fat on your arms. I know that this fact is a bit hard to digest… but then that’s science for you.The muscles of your arms should be trained indirectly in large muscle group training. For example the triceps (The muscles at the back of your upper arms) will get worked in all chest pressing movements such as the bench press & your Biceps (The muscles on the front of your upper arms) will get worked in all pulling movements meant for your back such as barbell rows, Chin ups etc.You mentioned that you can’t afford to go to a gym…then you must continue cardio work, which can be done anywhere at least thrice a week & do exercises such as Squats, push ups, chin ups, Ab crunches & reverse crunches at home. At least 4 sets of each done for 25 reps (except push ups & chin ups…in these movements try & get as many as possible) about thrice a week. You will have to take the trouble of learning these movements from a qualified trainer…you can learn them pretty well in about 3 sessions with a trainer. I will not attempt to describe these exercises in words as that simply will not help you in getting the form right & you could end up with an injury. The diet should be comprised of good quality protein & you must restrict your carbohydrate intake by eliminating certain foods.This approach will give you a leaner body overall. 55kgs is not at all over weight for a 17 year old. It is not the weight that is of significance but your % of body fat that matters. You could lose 10kilos & become 45kgs…but if that weight loss has sacrificed muscle…then you would end up with flabbier arms at this lower bodyweight.

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