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Turn Your Passion Into a Profession

The fitness industry needs fitness professionals who know the science behind the exercises they teach. You can be one of them. You’re already at the starting line. Here’s how we can help you run the race and cross the finish line. To build your career, we must start by building your knowledge.

Study in a Classroom and a Lab: Learn the Why Before the How

We believe that you must learn to apply, and then you must apply to learn. That’s why our schools have classrooms for theory lectures and labs for practical sessions.

Every classroom is equipped with interactive projectors, high-speed WiFi, and audio systems for an immersive learning experience. For practical sessions, our gym floors (which qualify as practical labs) are fully equipped with all the equipment needed for a Personal Trainer to be able to learn correct form and technique. We guarantee a real learning environment.

Attend Class From Home. Become A Fitness Professional. Excel With Knowledge.

You Have the Will. We Have the Way.

We want to help you become a fitness professional regardless of the physical distance between us. That’s why we’re presenting the Attend Class from Home program through a live, interactive videoconferencing tool.

What This Means

Learn about fitness sciences from your home and still be a part of a classroom through a live, interactive videoconferencing tool.

What’s Interactive About It?

The classes are not pre-recorded. The assigned lecturers will teach from the school’s classrooms, and the lecture will be broadcasted live.

You can ask questions, request a break, or ask for a quick recap at the end of the lecture. Whatever you can do in a classroom, you can do in your virtual classroom, for all our courses.

Perform and Execute Every Movement

Your time in the lab will be spent practicing every movement with the assistance of our Master Trainers. They will guide you till you master every movement.

Learn in the Language You’re Comfortable With

In addition to English, we offer courses in Hindi as well. This way, you can rest assured knowing that language will not be a barrier.

Course Offered


Our DIPLOMA in PERSONAL TRAINING (DPT) course is designed for everybody. You don’t require a science background. You just need the will to learn.

You will begin with the basics (e.g., knowing the difference between health and fitness). Then, you will study the human body in depth, from how muscles and organs function to demonstrations of exercises—and there’s much more.

At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge, confidence, and ability to professionally practice as a qualified, certified personal trainer in the fitness industry.

International Recognition

This diploma is internationally recognized by REPS India (a member of International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals: ICREPs) under the category Personal Trainer.

It is aligned to India’s National Skills Qualifications Framework Level 4 (Fitness Trainer), which awards the Certification from the Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skill Council (SPEFL-SC).

What This Means For You: Fly Abroad To Work as a Fitness Professional

After you clear your assessments, the international recognition will make K11 diploma holders eligible to be part of the REPS India register.

This will help you gain portability for employment in the fitness Industries of Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Poland.

Syllabus / DPT

  • Introduction to General Physical Preparedness
  • Body Composition
  • Musculosketal Anatomy
  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Introduction to Special Populations
  • Exercise Selection Criteria
  • Workload & Intensity
  • Stretching
  • Body Part 1 – Back
    (Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Erector Spinae)
  • Demo Workout
  • Body Part 2 – Legs
    (Quadriceps, Gluteal group, Hamstrings & Calves)
  • Demo Workout
  • Body Part 3 - Chest Shoulder
    (Pectoralis major, Deltoid group, Rotator Cuff group)
  • Demo Workout
  • Body Part 4 – Abdominal Group
    (Rectus Abdominis, Internal & External Obliques, Transversus Abdominis,   Multifidus & Quadratus Lumborum)
  • Body Part 5 - Arms Group
    (Biceps Brachii, Triceps Brachii, Brachialis, Brachioradialis, Wrist Extensors   & Flexors)
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Cardio Regulations
  • Health Screening and Fitness Testing
  • Scheduling
  • Motivation and Adherence 
  • Health and Safety in Gym Environment 
  • Training Program Delivery
  • Application of Exercise Science to Programme Planning 
  • Principal's Address on Personality Development
  • CPR & AED
  • Practical Module
- Theory - 48
- Practical - 25
Total Face to Face (FtF) learning hours: 222
- FtF Learning hours for Theory - 147
- FtF Learning hours for Practical - 75
Non-Face to Face (FtF) learning hours:
A student is expected to practice for a minimum of 85 hours based on assignments given by the teachers
- 1 Theory Examination
- 2 Practical & Viva 1 (Exercise Execution)
- 3 Practical & Viva 2 (Training Program Delivery & Assignment Submission)
- 4 NSQF Level 4 (Fitness Trainer) Examination by SPEFL-SC
- K11 Certificate of DIPLOMA in PERSONAL TRAINING (DPT) 
  (REPs Category - Personal Trainer)
- NSQF Level - 4 (Fitness Trainer) Certification from SPEFL-SC 
- CPR & AED from Australian Lifesaving Academy
- Certificate from Accrediting Body - PD:Approval

Course Fee  INR 82,000
CPR & AED INR   1,200
Total Fees    INR 83,200
Easy EMI Option:
09 9112/-
08 10,250/-
07 11,716/-
06 13,667/-
05 16,400/-
04 20,500/-
03 27,334/-
02 41,000/-

K11 Salient Features

K11 School of Fitness Sciences is a REPS India Recognised education provider. This means the K11 DIPLOMA in PERSONAL TRAINING (DPT) is valid for employment internationally across all REPs member nations
K11 School of Fitness Sciences is a “Funded Partner” of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), towards the Skill India initiative of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE)
K11 School of Fitness Sciences has a fully integrated study centre with A.V equipped classrooms for theory lectures & a state-of-the-art gym floor as a laboratory for practical training
K11 School of Fitness Sciences has a dedicated Student Support Cell that resolves, on a daily basis, any problems that a student may face relating to batch timings, examinations, rescheduling of lectures, etc.
K11 School of Fitness Sciences has a dedicated Student Placement Assistance cell under the K11 Education Pvt. Ltd. Human Resource Department. It assists students in kick-starting their careers in the fitness industry
K11 School of Fitness Sciences has courses fully and professionally translated into vernacular mediums. As of date, the courses are fully translated in Hindi and Marathi. The course material is a copyrighted intellectual property of K11 Education Pvt. Ltd.
K11 School of Fitness Sciences has a clear cut demarcation between education providing and examinations. To maintain standards of examinations, the students DO NOT interact with any assessor all through the duration of the course. Our examination systems ensure strict, impartial and unbiased outcomes


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