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  • How is the K11 course different from any other fitness course?

    We don’t really know what the other courses are offering or whether their faculty is qualified to teach fitness sciences. What we can tell you for sure is that our courses are extremely comprehensive. Plus another unique feature of our PT course is the intensive one month of practical training that we give our students with personal attention from our master trainers (We have a fully equipped gym floor for the practicals) & this is what gives our students a clear edge over the students of other academies. Once you successfully pass our exams, placement in reputable companies is guaranteed.

  • Is the course recognized by the Government of India?

    Yes, K11 Fitness Academy has the honor of being the ONLY academy in the industry to be recognized by the Government of India through its National Skill Development Corporation (N.S.D.C). The National Skill Development Corporation, (NSDC) is a one of its kind, Public Private Partnership in India. It aims to promote skill development by catalyzing creation of large, quality, for-profit vocational institutions. What this essentially means to the fitness industry is that, in its role as a catalyst to aid and enhance skill development, the NSDC would play a key role in penetrating the fitness industry in partnership with K11 Fitness Academy. Both, K11 and NSDC, in this first of its kind and unique partnership would focus on expansion across PAN India with the aim to provide top quality education in the field of Fitness Science. All this with the aim of creating skilled manpower to the ever increasing demands of the fitness industry

  • Does the course have any international affiliation/ recognition?

    The course does not need any international affiliation. The pure sciences of Anatomy & Physiology remain the same all over the world & in fact the certification courses abroad do not have a practical module & certificates are given purely based on multiple choice theory papers. Some of these reputed international certification bodies even give certificates through online exams. Unlike them, K11 only certifies after a Theory, Practical & a Viva exam. We are strictly against online certification. How can you teach form and technique online!!!!!

  • If I fail, then will I get a certificate?

    In order to maintain the K11 certificate reputation & to ensure that gym owners across the country trust the certification, we do not offer any participation certificate that could be misused by a candidate to pretend that he has passed our exams. Certificates are awarded only to those students that pass required exams.

  • Why does the certificate have validity period?

    Fitness sciences are developing at a very fast rate & there is no reputable fitness certification in the world that provides permanent validity to its certification. In fact that would be unethical. You must update your knowledge by re-sitting the lectures every year. We do not charge for re-sitting the lectures of the course that you have paid for once but re-doing the practical’s will be charged. Our re-validation exam charges are also very nominal. Please refer to the rate card for the charges.

  • Can 2 months PT course be covered in 1 month by completing the practicals along with theory?

    We do not advice this as the best learning is possible if you follow the flow of theory first followed by practical’s. But in case you are from outstation or if your job does not allow more than a month’s leave then we can hold the practicals & theory on the same days & finish the course in one month instead of 2 months.

  • What is the qualification of the lecturers who are conducting the courses?

    The Anatomy & kinesiology lectures are always taken by a qualified Physiotherapist, Physiology is taken by a qualified physician, all applied science lectures such as resistance training regulations, cardiovascular training regulations, etc. are taken by Fitness professionals with a minimum of 5 years’ experience & who have passed the K11 lecturer training program. A K11 lecturer has to secure 100% in the exams to pass the lecturer training program. Nutrition is taught by a qualified dietitian (PG Diploma) well versed in Sports nutrition & supplementation. All of the above faculties have to be people who are passionate about fitness & follow the fitness lifestyle.

  • Do you give 100% job guarantee after doing the course?

    Once you pass the K11 exams we guarantee you placements. In fact if you do a little survey yourself you will find that K11 trainers have been employed in every top of the line fitness facility in the country. So once you pass the exams, placement is never a problem. Qualified trainers are always in demand, especially K11 certified trainers.

  • What if I fail the first attempt of the examination?

    Every student gets 2 attempts to clear the exams within 6 months from the course start date. In case more attempts are required, a nominal fee is applicable. Kindly refer to the rate card to know the charges.

  • What if I pass theory and practical but fail in viva or vice-versa??

    The certificate is only given to those who pass all the exams required for the course selected.

  • Can I only purchase the manuals and give the exam?

    Yes, you can. Certification depends on you passing the exams & not on whether you have attended the course. But we advise you to do the course as it is very unlikely that you will pass the exams without having attended the course.

  • Do you have any correspondence courses?

    We firmly believe that a fitness professional is incomplete without hands on practical training. This is not possible in correspondence or online courses. Hence we are strictly against the concept of Correspondence courses when it comes to certifying fitness professionals.

  • What is the qualification required to join your course?

    Simply a passion for fitness & the curiosity to know how the human body reacts to exercise & nutrition.

  • Can I use the gym floor for my workouts while the course is going on?

    No this is not allowed. During the theory use of the gym floor is not allowed & once you begin your practicals then we will strictly conduct your exercises during the scheduled practical session on the gym floor.

  • Can I pay the course fees in parts?

    We do have a deferred payment scheme. Kindly contact the academy managers for the same.

  • I am interested in doing all the K11 courses are there any special discount that you can offer?

    Yes there is. A 10% discount can be availed for all courses after paying for the first course in full.

  • How much will I earn after I get certified from K11?

    We cannot put an exact amount on the earning as it differs from individual to individual. The amount of time & dedication that an individual puts into his or her profession plays an important role in his/her earnings. The certification will definitely help in increasing the income potential. There are no top of the line gyms that employ non-certified staff. Trainers in these gyms enter at a minimum salary of Rs.5000/- per month & then with personal training, their take home goes up to 20-30, 000/- per month. There are many K11 certified personal trainers who make over Rs. 50, 000/- per month.

  • I want to open my own gym, will the course teach me about how to manage the gym and select the best equipments for my gym floor?

    The Personal Trainer Course will most definitely teach you how to select proper equipment. But management is an entirely different ball game – The Gym Management Course. In this course K11 will share with you its vast hands on experience in managing various facilities ranging from small personal training studios to full service athletic clubs.

  • After doing the K11 course will I get a job in any other gym?

    We have seen our students getting jobs in the entire top of the line gyms in the country. In Mumbai, Pune, Nashik & Indore it is very difficult to find any reputable gym that does not have K11 certified trainers. K11 certified trainers are always in great demand.

  • I am a physiotherapist, why do I still have to do the K11 course?

    A physiotherapist is a highly qualified professional, but in an entirely different field of expertise as opposed to a fitness professional. The physiotherapist’s role is to look after a person suffering from a musculoskeletal or neuro musculoskeletal pathology & rehabilitate the person to physiological normalcy. The role of a Fitness professional starts at Physiological normalcy to take the individual to higher levels of fitness. Hence a trainer is not qualified to do the job of a physiotherapist or vise-versa, Hence a Physiotherapists must do the K11 Personal Trainer Course if they want to expand their horizons beyond rehabilitation.

  • I have done my M.Sc. in Nutrition and Dietetics why do I have to do the Sports Nutrition Course?

    The university syllabus cannot keep up with the most recent developments in the field of nutrition. Plus what is required for dietitians in the field of fitness is expertise on the subject of sports nutrition & supplementation.

  • If I do the Sports Nutrition Course from K11 can I work as a nutritionist?

    The sports nutrition course can be done by personal trainers who do not have a degree in dietetics. The advantage here is that comprehensive knowledge of training & nutrition makes personal trainers more result oriented with clients thus improving their career opportunity. But legally a university degree is required to practice as a nutritionist or dietitian.

  • I have paid an advance to k11 but due to personal reasons I will not be to do the course, can I get a refund?

    We have a strict No-Refund policy. But we also care about your money. Hence we can hold the money till you choose to do the course on a later date or you can choose to transfer your admission on to another person who is not a K11 student by paying a nominal transfer charge. Please refer to the rate card for the transfer charges.

  • I am not very comfortable with English as a language. Will I still be able to understand the course content?

    K11 is the only Fitness Academy to run courses in vernacular mediums of Marathi & Hindi. The course content is identical & the certificate given out at the end of the course is also the same. Even the course manuals have been translated in Marathi and Hindi. We believe that you should study a subject in the language you are most comfortable in for better understanding. I am not from any fitness background, is it possible for me to make career in Fitness industry. We have many students who have done the course & become very good fitness professionals without having any background in fitness prior to the course. This is possible only because our faculty teaches assuming that the students know nothing and cover all the basics. The only thing necessary is a curious, open mind, respect for scientific facts & a serious approach to the studies involved in doing the course.

  • I want to be a bodybuilder. Will this course help me?

    Yes. The PT course covers in depth the science of increasing muscle & reducing fat. It will teach you the scientific way to reach your bodybuilding goals.

  • Will you give knowledge of steroids in this?

    NO. It would be completely unethical for a fitness academy to deal with topics related to drugs. Drugs as a class of substances have adverse side effects & hence this course will not cover them. However sports supplementation & performance enhancing food supplements are covered in general in the PT course & in depth in the Sports Nutrition course.

  • Will this PT course cover bodybuilding posing?

    NO. This is a course on Fitness. Bodybuilding posing is specific to competitive bodybuilding & that too the artistic side of it & hence does not fall under the purview of fitness sciences.

  • I had an accident last year due to which my right leg has been operated upon and I cannot physically do certain leg exercises. Will you consider this during my practical evaluation?

    YES. Absolutely. The physical handicap will be given due consideration during the exams. We will devise a way to gauge your understanding of the exercise without actually you performing it.

  • I have always been an average student or you may say below average in my academics. After knowing about the high passing criteria, I don’t feel confident about passing. Will I get my certificate?

    Grades in school & colleges never really reflect a person’s true IQ. Interest & passion for the subject play a huge role in you absorbing the course content. So if you have a passion for fitness & exercise and you are doing the course from the express desire of learning as much about fitness as possible passing the K11 exams will be very easy. We have many examples of students who were below average in school & passed the K11 exams with flying colors.

  • Do you think that 2 months is sufficient time to learn fitness?

    Even 20 years is not enough to learn everything about how the human body responds to exercise & nutrition. These 2 months just see to it that for the rest of your life you are on the right track and this course gives you the power to ascertain whether the information that you come across in the future is scientifically correct or wrong. Your base will be grounded during these 2 months.

  • Do you cover sport specific training protocols in this course?

    This course will cover what it takes to improve performance in general. This knowledge can later on be applied to any sport requiring an improvement in physical fitness. Every sport requires a contribution of the 5 components of fitness. How to improve each of these 5 components is tackled in detail in the course.

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