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About Kaizzad Capadia

The credit for the fitness industry becoming more professional in the recent years can easily be given to the one man who started it all in the late eighties. Back then, bodybuilding was not considered to be a mainstream sport. Fitness was considered a part time recreation for college goers and ‘akhadas’ were the best gyms you could find. Good appearance at that time meant a good face and at best ‘not being fat’ was a boon! Women stayed away from weight training & gyms.

But how did this change happen?

Back in 1987 there was a 15-year-old Parsee boy who was born with a unique passion. His love and passion for the sport of bodybuilding was so intense and powerful, that even his 5’4″ height and stocky built didn’t stop him from pursuing this “poor man’s sport” with determination.He watched every video, read every magazine/ book he could find from the old “Raddhi” bookstalls at Fountain! .

Kaizzad Capadia worked out day in and day out in the ‘akhada’ near his house in Thane. He had no idea about diet or correct exercise when he started, but regular and meticulous reading made him fine tune his exercise routines more and more and soon the difference was clear on his own body. He started attracting lots of attention and people began approaching him for advice on exercise.

In 1989 at the age of 17 Kaizzad Capadia entered his first bodybuilding show and won it. He then went on to enter many others and won the Junior Mr. Mumbai at the age of 18 & stood second at the Jr.India, the same year. Bodybuilding was still not considered to be a normal sport. Till date, Kaizzad is a nationally ranked competitive bodybuilder having won the 2005 Mr. Mumbai, having bagged 1st place in his category in the 2006 & 2008 Mr. Maharashtra.

To support his hunger for the sport of bodybuilding, hestarted personal training, which was a concept still unknown and unheard of at the time. With the little money he earned, he made sure he had his daily quota of bananas & eggs. It would be credible to say that Personal Training as a career in India was first started by him. From 1990 onwards he became the busiest & most sought after Personal Trainer in the country. Then in 2002, Kaizzad Capadia started the K11 Fitness Academy. The K11 Fitness Academy holds the No.1 spot amongst all Fitness Academies in the country today!

It is because of his teachings, lectures and seminars, that weight training today is considered to be the most effective tool for fat loss & anti-aging.

Unlike most fitness professionals who do not share knowledge for free, the one thing Kaizzad Capadia always believed in from the very beginning was to share his knowledge. Somebody once remarked to him that he was wasting his knowledge by giving it out free of cost to anybody and everybody who consulted him. To which he quickly responded- “I have not wasted my knowledge. On the contrary, by sharing it with somebody, I have put it to the best use possible; There cannot be a richer investment of knowledge than this”.

Well, that approach to spreading knowledge sure is bearing fruit today when countless fitness professionals consider Kaizzad Capadia to be the creator of the modern, scientifically inclined Indian Fitness Industry.

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