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Personal Trainer Course


Duration: 2 Months


The K11 Personal Training Course is the perfect option for all those who want to start a career in fitness as a Personal Trainer or a Gym Instructor. Most students prefer this fitness course because jobs in India and abroad are guaranteed after getting a Personal Trainer Certificate from K11.

To do this course all you need is a passion for fitness and a willingness to change people’s lives – we take care of the rest.

Personal Trainer Training

A career as a Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor is both financially and emotionally rewarding. What could be more rewarding than helping people get fit and living a better life everyday.

So call now and get qualified with the most recognized Fitness Academy in IndiaK11 Fitness Academy.

  • Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology
    Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology
  • Health Screening & Evaluation
    Health Screening & Evaluation
  • Weight Training
    Weight Training
  • Cardiovascular Exercise
    Cardiovascular Exercise
  • Flexibility Training
    Flexibility Training
  • Exercise Programming
    Exercise Programming
  • Approach to Fatloss
    Approach to Fatloss
  • Nutrition & Supplementation
    Nutrition & Supplementation
  • First-Aid

Student Testimonial

My association with the K11 Fitness Academy goes back to June 2006. The scientific approach has helped me develop reasoning when reading an article on fitness and it has also helped me to become a better fitness trainer and coach. K11 has not only satisfied my hunger to learn more, but has always delighted me with their first-class standards and high quality of teaching.
Vijay Thakker, Personal Trainer
India's Best Fitness Academy
  • Personal Trainer (PT) Course
  • (English, Marathi, Hindi)
    Duration - 2 months (1 month theory, 1 month practical)
  • PT for Special Population Course
  • (English)
    Duration - 1 month
  • Sports Nutrition Course
  • (English, Hindi, Marathi)
    Duration - 2 months
  • Gym Management Course
  • (English, Hindi, Marathi)
    Duration - 1.5 months
  • Master Trainer Course
  • (English)
    Duration - 6 months
  • Basic Massage Therapy Course
  • (English, Hindi, Marathi)
    Duration - 1 month
  • Spa Theraphy Course
  • (English, Hindi, Marathi)
    Weekend Course, Duration - 9 week
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